Q: A person once told me that you can not remove the factory fiberglass hard top.  Is that true? 

Answer:    NO!  Naturally when you want to make changes to your truck you want to get advice from others.  But when it comes to the Bronco, Blazer and Jimmy, talk to someone who has actually taken the hard top off before.  They will tell you how easy it is and how much fun the truck can be without the hardtop.  Still don't believe us?  Take a look in your owners manual.  For many years Ford and Chevy explained how to remove the hardtop in the manual.  Can't find it?  Call us and we will send you a copy.  

Q: A Ford/Chevy truck owner told me that in order to take the hardtop off you have to break some kind of seal.  Is that true?

Answer:    NO!  The only "seals" we know have flippers and live near water.  You're getting advice from someone who has never removed the hardtop before.  If they had removed the hardtop they would know there is no "seal" to break. There is simply a sponge rubber gasket material identical to what is used on your driver and passenger door frame.  This 3/4" sponge rubber provides the weather-tight seal between the hardtop and the sheet metal of the truck. Ford has gone one step further to provide a special rain channel making it impossible for the hardtop to leak water.  After all, do you really think Ford and Chevy actually glued the hard tops onto the truck as it went down the assembly line? 

Q: How much do the hard tops weigh?

Answer:    Actually, they probably weigh less than you realize.  Depending on the model and year of your truck, they weigh anywhere from 140 pounds to 180 pounds. However, they are big and bulky to lift off the truck.  Don't try it by yourself!  The more people you have to help the better.  Without the extra hands, you may drop the hard top, which could not only hurt you, but also cause damage to the truck and the hard top itself.  We don't want any one getting hurt, so don't try to lift the hard top alone!   

Q: How does the soft top attach to the vehicle?

Answer:    The soft tops we sell have a frame that bolts onto the truck using the same bolts from the hardtop.  The frame allows you to attach the soft top without drilling any holes or mounting any snaps to the body of the truck.  Once this frame is bolted onto the truck the soft top will go on and off from the frame in a matter of minutes.   

Q: Do you have to take the frame off in order to put the hard top back on?

Answer:    Yes.  The frame is using the same bolts that the hardtop wants to use so you need to remove the frame first.  With a plain wrench and one arm tied behind your back it will take you 10 minutes at the most to remove the frame.  (imagine if you used a reversible drill and two arms how quickly you could remove the frame!)

Q: Do I have to remove the rear seat to install the soft top?

Answer:    It depends.  If your truck is a 78-91 Blazer or Jimmy or a 78-96 Ford Bronco the answer is no.  Just fold the seat down and our soft top will fit over it.  If you own a 1976 or 1977 Blazer or Jimmy you need to remove the rear seat, because it was not designed to fold down.  Once you remove the fiberglass hardtop we do not recommend using the rear seat under any circumstances. Even though Ford and Chevrolet provide no warnings against passengers in the back seat when the hard top is not in place,  we strongly discourage it.  It only takes a couple of minutes to remove the seat.  Just remove two large pins and the seat can be easily lifted out of the truck.  


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