Ford Bronco with Tan Skyler Soft Top

A convertible soft top for your Bronco, Blazer & Jimmy

If you haven't had the factory fiberglass hardtop off of your truck you are missing out on a lot of fun.  The soft tops Skyler sells are the hottest thing around for the Bronco, Blazer and Jimmy. They enable you to have a sporty convertible, and yet are so well engineered you won't drill one single hole or make any modifications. So now it is easier than ever to go convertible!

Un-bolt your factory hardtop

Bolt-on our unique soft top

Remove your factory fiberglass hardtop in just minutes. It's quicker and easier than you think. In most cases your owner's manual will show you how. If not just ask us.

The specially designed frame bolts on to your truck using the same bolts from your factory hardtop. The durable vinyl soft top will attach to the frame in less than a minute!.


Chevy Blazer with Grey Skyler Soft Top
Why take your hardtop to the beach when you can take this to the beach instead?

 Go convertible!

The unique bolt-on hardware is custom stamped and formed to fit your specific vehicle. It is a heavy gauge aircraft alloy aluminum for added strength and rigidity. The individual pieces are pre-assembled and ready to bolt-on right from the box. In addition there is a durable UV resistant black powder coated finish so the frame looks great even when the soft top is off!

Instead of using troublesome snaps,  this top uses the newest high tech hook and loop fastener to attach the soft top to the frame. This fastening system is so durable it is guaranteed for 10,000 cycles of use! Unlike snaps, which leave large gaps in-between, the hook and loop velcro type fastener provides a continuous bond and a super smooth drum tight fit.

The soft top is designed so it is easy to load and unload cargo. Plus the soft top extends to cover the top of the tailgate. This allows water to drain off the truck and not into the tailgate and window mechanism!


Skyler Sport Top Prices and Applications


Part No.



92-96 Fullsize Ford Bronco 25048 $649.00 $569.00
80-91 Fullsize Ford Bronco 25047 $649.00 $569.00
78-79 Fullsize Ford Bronco 35047 $599.00 $529.00
76-91 Fullsize Blazer/Jimmy 45047 $649.00 $569.00

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Sport Top Options

Tinted Rear Window

This dark tinted window is the most popular option and will cut down on the Sun's harsh rays.  It adds a hot look to your Sport Top.  Available for all Sport Top models.

Application Part No. List


All vehicles Tint $21.99 $19.98

Sport Top Storage Bag
Keep your soft top protected when it's off the truck with this Skyler storage bag.  Available in cool white, with large blue SKYLER graphic.
Application Part No. List


All vehicles 8523 $34.99 $32.98

Sport Top Colors

Black   White   Dk Blue   Tan   Red   Grey

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